2 element home brew cubical quad for sale $350

This home brew 2 element quad consists of the following: (Photos below)

8 Maxgain fiberglass elements. (Consists of one 8 ft. length of 1" OD and one 8 ft. length of 1" OD round fiberglass tube both having 0.125" wall. The 1" tube snugly-but-easily telescopes in-side the larger tube. Using a recommended 12" overlap yields a usable length of 15 feet.)

2 aluminum spreaders re-enforced with 1/4" aluminum plate on both sides
8' aluminum boom
Stainless steel worm clamps and heavy duty truck brake tubing to secure the wire loops to the elements
Hardware all stainless steel
Loops are #10 THHN stranded wire that will take high power

This antenna was built with high quality materials and should last a long time..

I had this on a 40' tower from April 2011 to Nov. 2011 and I worked the world with it. I used online quad formulas plus consulted these websites http://www.qsl.net/w3df/quad2/lb_inst.html  and http://www.i1wqrlinkradio.com/antype/ch14/chiave1372.htm that has instructions for assembling a lightning bolt quad. I fed 10, 12 and 15 meters with 3/4th wave 75 ohm matching cables and fed 17 and 20 meters with 50 ohm cable. I didn't get to check the SWR before putting the antenna up and discovered after installing it the SWR was high on every band. I borrowed a MFJ antenna analyzer and discovered that all the loops were too long. My radio has a built in tuner so I just used it as is and worked a lot of DX.

In November 2011, some friends in the 599DXA decided to take it down and retune it. W0XV, Jeff, and other generous hams decided instead to buy a hexbeam and replace the quad. The did so and installed it on 11-22-2011 so I don't need the quad.

This antenna does not come with instructions so if you don't know anything about quads then this antenna isn't for you. The websites at the links above are very helpful in figuring wire length and antenna placement on the elements.

The boom to mast mount is attached with muffler clamps that need replacing. I highly suggest attach all the driven element loops to a cubex transformer, feed it with one feed line and use an antenna tuner.  I prefer someone to pick this antenna up in McComb, Ms. I will take it to UPS and have them box and ship it if you pay but have no idea of what it will cost.

Contact me by email at nm5z@cableone.net

Aluminum spreaders

Boom, fiberglass elements & wire loops

Photo of quad when it was on my tower..